OW-609 (ORANGE- WHITE) Take a Break

OW-609 (ORANGE- WHITE) Take a Break


TYPE : Sleeve insulator for hot cup or iced cup beverage
USE FOR : Hot beverage cups and Cold sweating cups
FITS CUPS : 12-16-20 oz capacity (also available for 8oz capacity)
SIZE : 5 x 2.1/5’’
WEIGHT : 5-6 grams
MATERIAL : Recycled Corrugated Paper, malady Biodegradable
PRINT COLORS : Environmentally Friendly ink (Food Grade)
GLUE : Environmentally Friendly (water base grade)
LOGO : Ours or Yours
PREASSABLED : by Hand or Machine
PACKING : 100 to 2000 per case or customized
PLACE OF ORIGIN : Shenzhen, thumb China.



Your LOGO space with the “COFFEE HEAD WEDGE” Invention.

The “Coffee Head Wedge” invention with our logo has a permanent position on the back side of the sleeve and the rest of the space can be used for your Logo and your advertising messages see above slide pictures!


The Invention ‘’COFFEE HEAD WEDGE’’ Cartoon Theme, cialis sale is also a collectible product./p>

DESIGNS, PATENTS AND TRADEMARK RIGHTS, RESERVED BY: The improvement invention solution patents and trademark rights are exclusively reserved internationally, by CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, LTD

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