The Story behind the invention from the inventor of the “Coffee Head Wedge”

The Story behind the invention from the inventor of the “Coffee Head Wedge”

The year was 2006. I was traveling from Hong Kong to China for business when I made a routine stop at the USA famous chain coffee shop in Shenzhen China to get my morning brew coffee. It was given normally to me “to go” in a paper cup with a protective sleeve insulator. When I arrived at my office nearby. I had naturally left my hot coffee paper cup with the protective sleeve insulator on the desk to prepare for my paperwork for the morning meeting.

When I tried to organize my work, cialis buy look I reached for my hot coffee cup to move it into another work area. At that moment, sildenafil I realized the protective cup sleeve had slid down and rested at the bottom of the cup on top of the desk, I then decided to bring the protective sleeve back in to its original position to hold the hot coffee cup and when I did this action… the cup lid snapped off the paper cup and the hot coffee splashed into my hand creating a second degree burn injury! It also splashed all over the desk area on my work documents, advice on my computer laptop, my clothes, and the surroundings, it was a painful experience!

Unfortunately, the scheduled meeting was postponed and all my colleagues were terribly sorry for the unbelievable yet embarrassing accident.

A few days after, when I was feeling better about my burned hand…My creative side gave me the idea to make an improvement and solution for this hot coffee cup sleeve insulator. I wanted to make the sleeve stay on its correct position.

My hand injury was getting better but was too busy with my every day work and the urge to complete the improvement for the cup sleeve that my idea faded away and realized it will be very costly to patent an idea without even knowing if people would benefit from it so I let it rest for the time being.

This is my hand injury with the burned area. I also have all the detailed pictures of my burn injury but they are too graphic to reveal.

In 2011, I noticed that there were some companies that were already creating new solutions for the cup sleeve to stay on its correct position when you have a hot beverage in a paper cup. I noticed the results from the new inventions on the market were not satisfying enough for me to ignore my old original improvement idea.

I believed my idea was much more effective and for that reason and decided to rethink and try to improve my old idea with a better more practical and easier way to function the sleeve and it was easy to make the second and final improvement on my first idea.

We immediately contacted our patent lawyers to proceed and patent the new idea. When we presented my new idea to our lawyers in our meeting, they noticed that my idea was an environmentally friendly invention and they had suggested for me to apply for an environmentally friendly and simple invention in Hong Kong.

In addition, we applied first in China for a patent and then we submitted the idea in Hong Kong several months later, I received a letter from the Innovation and Technology Commission from the Hong Kong Government Department and my invention was awarded with the highest award of its kind as a good effective environmental friendly invention.

The moment I received the great news and had read the awarded recognition letter of my invention, it became one of the most emotional moments in my life. I love to create ideas and come up with many practical solutions in everyday life since I was a child. Until that day I had never been recognized to this extent. It was a very special moment for me and we really celebrated that day with all my friends.

The Hong Kong Government approval convinced me that I had something good to offer to the world so we decided to patent the invention worldwide.

We provide the best solution in our invention to be respective of the environment and to only use recyclable biodegradable materials.

The invention named Coffee Head Wedge is a trade marked name and the invention is patented and patent pending worldwide.

China patent number # ZL201220147650.5,
Hong Kong patent number HK#1171615
Patent pending in other countries including USA.
PCT applied world wide.

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