Inventors Background

Inventors Background

Manos Papanikolaou or Papanicolaou Biography

Manos in early age play guitar and singing, viagra generic prostate Mechanical Engineer graduated in Greece moved to USA, buy cialis as a musician, left the music he continued to study and finish Interior designer in Ray Vogue, in Chicago IL, parallel worked as a furniture designer in a custom made furniture company, in 1987 opened his own design and manufacturing Custom made furniture company under the name of MANOS CREATIVE DESIGNS, INC. in Addison ILLINOIS USA, became well known for his unique artistic flair cabinetry specialty was the entertainment centers home theaters he was advanced in his work and he has been published in many USA and Internationally publications like ( Audio /Video Interiors magazine a few times, cheap DuPont Registry Home magazine, Millionaire magazine a few times, Billionaire magazine, Chicago Sun times newspaper, many trade magazines, Casa an Estillo magazine(Mexico), Antik Décor magazine(Turkey), also Greek newspapers, and many small local newspapers and publications in USA, parallel he designed and manufactured a very complicated technical projects combined with electronics and fixture displays, most of the time simple elegant fine lines by working as team for many years with a very successful retailer in 1990s, for Electronic Equipments Company, under the name, UNITED AUDIO CENTERS, with President of the Company, Mr. Shelley Miller one of the nicest intelligent and open minded individuals he has ever met (Manos said), treatment who he gave him the chance and the freedom to create and grow in his own expressions and gain more experiences and abilities with the projects and with the Company’s team he was able to gain the best experience in teamwork and determination, by working hard and creating an upscale commercial display casework for high end quality electronic equipment with the best advanced fixture designs at that time, with a vast array of materials and technical challenges able to all function properly and practical purposes..

He also created his own expression, signature pieces by bringing out all his passion and love he had for the Artistic functional furniture and sculpture, a work who also he exhibited and displayed at the merchandise Mart in Chicago Down Town, at the SOFA exhibition show attending the best designers and architects also art lovers and art collectors, who all stopped to exam Manos new way of expression and revealed at the show by studying Manos’ originality complexity in workmanship and the materials with the simply yet lines especially many of the visitors were impressed of Manos abilities to work with many different materials, in many different styles and forms without relating one work piece from his other creation with so much expression and attention to detail.

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The year 1997 he created also a new Company named GLOOBOO LTD. in Addison IL, USA he was the first in the world to come up with this funny name Glooboo, that was created for an educational novelty product (3D animal Sun Visors with EVA material for children from 5-11 years old the product was named Glooboo Head with an educational tag trademarked (GLOOBOO HEAD SAYS, DID YOU KNOW?) with a big letters on the back cover of the educational tag was given positive message for the environment by written (Save our Rainforests, Animals, and Oceans) the product was demanded in many resorts and non profit organizations such as zoos aquariums water parks schools, and many tourist attraction areas, small stores all over the USA.
Many Thousands of the Glooboo Heads (3D animal sun visors) sold under his Company name GLOOBOO LTD., and also thousands of these little creatures was donated to the Disney Land in Florida to offer them as a gift to the invited families who had cancer kids patients.


Tiger gor koalabrown

After many companies imitated the Glooboo Head product it was time to move on and then he created the company CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, LTD.

The year 2004 he created a trading company with the name CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, INC. in Addison, IL. USA and in 2005 for a better service to his customers moved the Company to Hong Kong with the very similar name CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, LTD., for import /export business, based in Hong Kong and China until today also in the 2007 he created in China a brand name ESTHESIS OF NATURE, for health and beauty product by designing a very unique and beautiful hand made packing in16 different outlook designs and also recently starting importing nutrition organic and natural food for health and beauty from his native country Greece, with his own label designs and offer to the consumers who value the real gifts of nature and appreciate the real natural flavor for a healthier quality living.

The latest idea but never the final is the Coffee Head Wedge.

The Coffee Head Wedge became available in 2013 and designed to be your little friend in many designs and bring you a smile into your everyday life by keeping you company when you are enjoying your hot coffee or tea moments!

The corrugated material we use for the Coffee Head Wedge is a recycled paper, the glue we use to glue the corrugated sleeve is environmentally friendly glue, also the ink we use for printing is a Soybean oil ink also an environmentally friendly product.

Coffee Head Wedge theme hopes you become our special friend and support our good thoughts we have behind our mission to ”enjoy life” with dignity and respect for each other.

Coffee Head Wedge theme is of good cheer and an intelligent product to be with you when you drink your hot Beverage in a paper cup and to keep you company when you need it.

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