CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, was created in Chicago IL, USA in the year 2004 and in 2005 moved and based in Hong Kong with branch office in China until today for a better efficiency in quality control and service for the products we are working with our clients.

We provide assistance to the businesses who are interested in either importing or exporting goods or working with our manufacturing sources in China to produce products that meets their specifications.

Our team in China is able to guide the manufacturing process and quality control by following step by step the production to meet your exact product specifications.

Our goal is to create a mutual trust and ongoing business relationship with the businesses we serve with our manufacturing sources in China, able to achieve a good quality product with the most reasonable price possible.

CHINA USA DIRECT SOURCE, LTD., was formed to help you locate and work with Chinese manufacturers. We search for qualified Chinese manufacturers that can meet your requirements and follow through every step of the way until the product is in your hands.

We are your connection to China’s manufacturing and labor resources, and we work closely with you to help you achieve all your goals and eliminate most of the problems.

We are dedicated to helping you save time and money. Our mission is to make your experience working with Chinese sources completely positive and satisfactory.