Coffee Head Wedge Invention

“Coffee Head Wedge” Invention, is an improvement, of an existing imperfect product!

The current invention is an auxiliary product innovation for holding a cup which is used to protect your hand and items from high-temperature beverages and to ultimately prevent spillage.

video clip shows how this works!


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Beverage and coffee shops usually use paper-cups for customers with hot beverages. Generally the walls of the paper-cups are relatively thin and the heat-insulation is not adequate.

When getting a cup filled hot beverage which is usually grabbed by an individual’s hand, the cup is very hot and difficult to hold in the middle. A common solution is attaching an extra paper strip all around the middle of the cup. There are many different names: cup sleeve, jacket, clutch, zarf, collar and others. However, there is a problem with the conventional cup sleeve… The problem is that this cup sleeve that isolates the heat is prone to sliding down from the original fit and middle location of the cup after it has been placed on surfaces such as dining tables, desks, work tables and other surfaces. The cup sleeve becomes loose and the basic function for protecting the hands from being scalded or burned by the cup filled with the hot beverage defeats its’ main purpose!

What happens is that when the hot beverage is poured into the cup, the material between the cup and the cup sleeve should be closely connected and contacted with each other but are actually thermal-expanded non-uniformly, thus an airflow layer is generated between them and the airflow layer allows the sliding of the cup sleeve down from the original-designed middle location. Once the cup is laid down, the cup sleeve slides to the surface where the cup is placed, and if taking up the cup again, the individual must repeat the pushing of the cup sleeve to the original location of the cup so it can safely hold the cup filled hot beverage. In addition, when using the conventional cup sleeve, not only is an individual continuously repeating these actions, but also leaning the cup and spilling the hot beverage and burning the user and potentially damaging or ruining books, documents etc.

This is a very severe problem for the user. It can cause embarrassment in business and social settings as well as the inconvenience of having to replace items that have been stained such as clothes, papers, books, computers or other desk items.


Coffee Head WedgeEnjoy Life
The current invention provides a heat-isolating cup sleeve which is simple in structure and does not need any additional material to firmly affix the cup sleeve on a cup. The cup sleeve is easily taken down from the cup by hand but is also difficult in sliding down from the cup when the beverage is cooled thus eliminating spillage problems.

The cup sleeve of the present invention is an environmental solution, which does not add other specific material or matter.

The cup sleeve of the present invention is a comfortable yet simple solution, which can solve the problems of the conventional cup sleeve.

The invention named “Coffee Head Wedge” is a patent pending invention world wide.

China patent number: # ZL201220147650.5,
Hong Kong: HK#1171615
Patent pending in other countries
PCT applied world wide

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