Laser Modules

We work continuously for almost 12 years with our high-tech manufacturer and partner, in specializing of developing, designing, producing and selling series of laser products internationally.

Our laser products include laser pens, red laser modules, green laser modules, and laser pointers. The product can be supplied to the manufacturers who are producing tools and equipments such as electric tools, electrical machines, carpentry saws, needlework, leveling instruments etc. They can also be supplied to the electronic tool manufacturers who measure distances by taking advantage of the laser phase and the temporal changes; meanwhile they can be used as laser illuminant by manufacturers who produce gifts or lightings.

We have already designed and produced multiple semi-conductor lasers which are for a different use, e.g.: special line type laser heads which are used to level laser line marker automatically, special laser heads for bar code scanners, high-accuracy lasers, high-brightness red lasers etc. Our product is mostly semi-conductor lasers in technical grade and we can also offer to our costumers photo electricity solutions, design and produce semi-conductor lasers for special use and special laser optical systems etc.

All the product we supply have high stability, good coherence and a long working life.

We have already developed and produced 6 main series and more than 80 kinds of semi-conductor lasers, industrial laser modules, industrial markers, laser illuminant, teaching and laboratory deductive laser systems adjustable lasers, cryogenic modules, laser line markers and some other products which are derived from laser, including visible light wave band: 635nm 5mw-30mw; 650nm 5mw-70mw; 670nm 5mw-50mw. These products have been applied to multifarious electronic tools, devices and equipments for positioning instruments, laser distance finders, laser levels, laser line markers (laser line projectors), laser direction indicators, bar code scanners, laser sighting pieces, laser medical treatment instruments, analyzers, laser level bars, stage lighting and landscape engineering etc.

Now we have already comprehensively adopted domestic advanced testing and production equipments. We also attach great importance to technical reformation and continuously introduce vanguard technology and equipments to ensure the quality of our products. In order to achieve the quality assurance which we promise and to meet the requirements of ISO9002 quality assurance system, we strictly implement management process and assure fine quality. We will guarantee that each product satisfy our clients and provide the most reliable products and best satisfied before/after-sale service to our clients unconditionally.

We insist in «honest business and high quality service» as our business ideal, with a powerful R&D team and a group of skilled workers in the factory as the strong backup and support, we always work on this ideal to serve all customers with good quality and reasonable price.

In the event that none of our standard products meet your exact requirements, our customized fast track service provides single prototypes and small production runs in just a few days. Our engineering and design team have many employees experienced in middle-low power laser diode module design. In facilities include a machine workshop for customized housing prototyping, a fully equipped laboratory with a wide range of test equipment for laser beam profiling, wavelength measurement and power setting. This service allows us to respond rapidly to customer requests, with a technically efficient and cost effective solution which shortens the time to market for our customers.

Some of the fast track prototyping services include:

  • Electronics design including: – PCB design – Electronics assembly – Intensity control
  • Optics Design including: – Elliptical or circular beams – Line generation of specific lengths and widths
  • Customized housings machined to your exact requirements
  • Specific test and measurement including: – Beam profiling – Wavelength measurement – Power setting – Laser burn-in testing